Friday, January 18, 2013

Diablo 3 - Inside notes regarding future patches

Future patches

Please note: This information is not even close to 100% certain, believe what you want!
There is a high chance of this information being old or false in the name of sudden changes, rejection
and/or delaying.


-Looks like there will be a benefit in form of a buff for those who play multiplayer. (most certain one)
-Blizzard seems to be working on a new lobby.
-There will be titles rewarded for completing acts/other game objectives
-Meeting room
-Titles for different difficulties
-Local (LAN) games
-Vial of Resurrection
(-Matchmaking servers)
-Reserved names (ladder?)
-Rune enchancements
-Bind on equip
-PvP - Free For All

Source: Various H2O.stl files view them here
ltiplayerBuffTurnedOn Multiplayer buff ON! ªMultiplayerBuffTurnedOffltiplayer buff OFF!


Looks like players purchasing Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be rewarded (at least) with an achievement
It also looks like players with old sets like Natalya's Wrath will be rewarded with an achievement. Blizzard trying to create
collector's items to preserve their value of the Diablo 3 itempool? Clever.

Award_Retroactively_Tag Retroactively AwardImmortalKingTalRashasWrappingTalRashasInnasMajessSpirisSpiriNatalyasWrNatal yasWrHOTSQ—ueeStarCraft II: HeSwarm