Friday, January 18, 2013

1.0.7 Known Issues List - Updated 1/15/13

  • It is possible to not be able to receive the “Bashanishu” achievement if you hit Bashiok using a Basic Attack (not a skill).
  • The Demon Hunter achievement "Bleed, You Filth!" is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The Demon Hunter achievement "Death Trap" is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The “Haunted” achievement criteria will not be met when the mob is killed by an ally or pet without the player tagging it.
  • The "Self Sufficient" achievement is not awarded the first time you kill the boss and meet the achievement.
  • Subjugators do not count towards the achievements "We Are Champions" and "Champion's Collection".
  • Rare Colossal Golgor monsters will not give credit for the "Rare Kill" achievement when killed.
Auction House
  • There is no tooltip that explains the dynamic sort filter.
  • Attempting to use Character Copy on the PTR after a successful Character Copy results in Error 395015.
  • Followers can become hostile to non-host players.
  • Demon Hunter - Companion: The cleave attack target areas from Wolf and Spider companions are not tall enough to hit monsters above them.
  • Witch Doctor - Hex: Hexed targets are not displaying damage numbers above their heads.
  • Wizard - Archon: There are several actions triggering Archon to be cast while assigned to the left mouse button that did not do so before patch 1.0.5.
  • Wizard - Critical Mass: Critical Mass is not affecting Teleport or Slow Time when Archon is activated.
  • MinMaxDam Affix is calculating the damage bonus on weapon incorrectly.
  • The Murlocket no longer drops in game.
  • The new Account Bound crafted items from the Jeweler and the Blacksmith do not follow the same order as the Hellfire Rings.
  • The Reflects Damage affix can reflect more than 10% of a target's max health back to an attacker.
  • The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead can use the whirlwind attack without playing the animation.
  • Act 1 - Slaughtered Calf Inn: Nek the Brawler can be killed by the zombies inside The Slaughtered Calf Inn.
  • Act 4 - The Pinnacle of Heaven: There can be two Tyraels in the cutscene on "Prime Evil : Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire" during a multiplayer game.
User Interface
  • Attempting to edit more than 27 Key Bindings will cause changes to Key Bindings, Gameplay, and Social settings to not be changed.