Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Guide] Puzzle Ring Goblin Farming

The 1.04 Puzzle Ring has a chance to summon a Goblin when the wearer is hit. A lot of aspiring goblin farmers want to know how it works to gauge it's value. Here is what I've found by testing as well as a guide on how to use it with your MF group.
Current Function:

  • The Goblin spawn has a 15 min internal cooldown
  • The cooldown expires even if you aren't using the ring (So put it on, kill the goblin, and take it off for 15 min while you use a better ring)
  • The cooldown is applied to the character and not the ring
  • The goblin spawned will be a 1st act goblin of the game difficulty (I.E. in any act of inferno, an act 1 inferno goblin will spawn)
  • The inferno goblin can drop ilvl 63 rares (I've picked up a few myself, don't know if it can drop ilvl 63 set/legendary however)

I found that the cooldown is applied to the character who was wearing the ring when the goblin spawns by wearing 1 Puzzle ring, spawning a goblin, then wearing a 2nd Puzzle Ring. With this information I present this guide for goblin farming groups.

Group Farming Guide:
Instead of all 4 players in the group using a Puzzle Ring, a group of trusted friends can swap 1 ring around to spawn 4 goblins per 15 min. This way only a single goblin spawns at a time and can be easily handled, and the initial investment is much lower. I have tested this with a friend, and can confirm that a single ring will spawn multiple goblins within the 15 min cooldown when shared among the party. Enjoy!

Have everyone in the group equip the ring once prior to starting the run. Equipping the ring seems to start the initial 15 min internal cd.