Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick and Easy Setup to Run Mooege/Diablo 3 Requirements:

Quick and Easy Setup to Run Mooege/Diablo 3 Requirements:
1. Diablo 3 Beta (updated to patch 18 version 9359 ).
2. Mooege (version that supports patch 18 version 9359 ).
3. Egris-Bnet Patcher.

Easy Setup
Step 1: Diablo 3 Beta
Download and install the LATEST Diablo 3 Beta that is compatible with LATEST Mooege version. After installation, let it update all the way! Enter the main log in screen at least ONCE, then exit the game.

Step 2: Adding MPQs
Easy Way: Copy all the files inside 'MPQs folder' from Diablo 3 Beta to the Mooege folder and place them into Assets\MPQ.

Step 3: Creating the shortcut for Diablo III
Create a shortcut for Diablo III by locating Diablo III.exe in your D3 installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Diablo III) by right clicking, and selecting Create Shortcut. Right click the new shortcut and open the properties.
Add -launch -auroraaddress localhost:1345 at end of target line.
e.g. Target: "<install directory>\Diablo III.exe" -launch -auroraaddress localhost:1345

Step 4: Start the Mooege server via Mooege.exe!
For Windows 7 64bit
You may need to install SQLite if you have errors.

Step 5: Logging In Diablo 3 Beta

Run Diablo 3 Beta. Once the Login Screen is showing. Run Egris-Bnet.Patcher.
Now you can log in Diablo 3 Beta with:
Username: test@
Password: anything